About the company

Luis Cerdan
Smithfield's president in Europe

Luis Cerdan
Smithfield’s president in Europe

Smithfield Poland is a group of companies operating in Poland in the animal food production chain, controlling the course of production “from field to table.”

Smithfield Poland is part of the Smithfield Foods Group, Inc. (U.S.), whose main shareholder is the WH Group listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. These companies form a group that is the largest pork producer in the world.

Smithfield Foods, Inc is a company with 57,000 employees in 11 countries around the world. It has pioneered the introduction of a model for providing safe food by controlling its production at every stage. Smithfield owns more than 50 well-known and recognizable brands, which is the best testimony to consumer confidence in the company.

The specialized expertise that Smithfield Foods, Inc. shares in the countries where it invests-including Poland-has allowed for the creation of entities that work closely with local growers and producers in the agricultural sector. Smithfield offers them continued growth and increased competitiveness while reducing market risk.

Producing food responsibly is the main message surrounding the operations of Smithfield Foods, Inc. worldwide confirmed by the recognition of consumers in more than 100 countries to which the company’s products reach.

Smithfield Poland’s business is based on attention to all aspects of operations, ensuring food safety and the certainty that it comes from resources of the highest quality.

Smithfield Poland is made up of:

  • Animex Foods sp. z o.o. – producer of pork, poultry meat and high-quality meat products under such well-known brands as Krakus, Morliny, Morlinki, Berlinki and Mazury.
  • Agri Plus sp. z o.o. – Operating in the pig farming business.