Planned population growth to 9 billion in 2050 brings with it the question of whether the world will have enough food. Meeting this task implies the need to develop in a sustainable manner, that is, without harming or even benefiting local communities and the environment.

Activities in line with the principles and within the framework of sustainable development are an integral part of Smithfield Poland’s operations. For several years, Smithfiled Foods, Inc. monitors and collects all sustainability data for all its subsidiaries around the world. This information illustrates the achievements, progress and realization of the goals set in the 6 levels of sustainable development. The data is collected in an annual report published on the Smithfiled Foods website at

Smithfield Poland has chosen the same planks of sustainability by making them, as in all Smithfield Foods, Inc. divisions, part of the business philosophy of operation and strategy. These include food safety, animal welfare, worker safety, environmental protection, supporting local communities, and building added value.

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Food safety

As a producer of safe food, distinguished by high quality, it has numerous procedures and standards to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Employee safety

The health and safety of our employees is a priority for Smithfield Poland.

Improving animal care

At Smithfield Poland, all own and contract farms have an “Animal Welfare Policy” in place.

about the environment

Environmental policy is a common policy of Smithfield Poland’s plants applied to improve production activities, while simultaneously and continuously improving environmental protection.

Supporting local communities

To be a good neighbor and a responsible partner wherever we do business – this slogan guides Smithfield Poland’s activities.

Building added value

The development of our Company takes place thanks to and in close cooperation with hundreds of Polish farmers and pig breeders, in full respect of the principles of partnership and sustainable development.