Supporting local communities

To be a good neighbor and a responsible partner wherever we do business – this slogan guides Smithfield Poland’s activities in every daily initiative for the benefit of local communities, which is one of the priorities of our business.

An important component in helping young people develop their education and passions is the implementation of the Smithfield Poland Foundation’s main statutory activity. Zygmunt Piwoński.


The Foundation was established on September 20, 2007 in memory of the tragically deceased long-time and distinguished employee Zygmunt Piwoński, who was an advocate of supporting those in need, especially talented young people. Therefore, the primary goal of the Foundation is to support the education of children and young people from the regions in which the entities of the Smithfield Poland Group operate, in particular to support the education of children and young people from the families of employees and families of farmers who permanently cooperate with these entities.

>> Foundation Statute
>> KRS of the Foundation

Monthly scholarships in the amount of PLN 200 for elementary and high school students and PLN 300 for full-time students – are granted for the entire school year (for 10 or 9 months, respectively). For particularly outstanding and outstanding scholarship recipients, may be granted in a given scholarship year, one-time special scholarships in an amount not exceeding PLN 1,000.00.

The foundation has been in existence for 16 years. During this entire period, we have allocated a total of more than 4,600 scholarships, for a total amount of more than PLN 10.5 million.


>> Number and value of scholarships awarded
>> Scholarships in Poland

We warmly encourage the children of our employees, suppliers and contractors to apply.

Attachments to download and complete for applicants and grantees of the Foundation

Foundation account number: 92 1050 1432 1000 0023 2534 8379



But helping the needy is not only the Smithfield Poland Foundation. In addition, of our many local activities, it is worth mentioning:

  • Supporting local communities – including charitable organizations.
  • Systematic action to feed children from the poorest rural communities.
  • Sponsorship of schools in the regions of Agri Plus activities (school aids, books, publications, sports and cultural activities).
  • Sponsorship of social, public utility organizations (Volunteer Fire Departments with firefighting and medical equipment) and organizations and associations working for the development of local communities in the regions of Agri Plus production activities.