Caring for the environment

The biggest challenge and goal for the Smithfield Poland group of companies is to continuously reduce the impact and influence of our operations on the environment. We achieve this goal described in the adopted “environmental policy” through constant control and reduction of emissions, as well as continuous efforts to reduce energy and water consumption.

Environmental policy is a common policy of Smithfield Poland’s plants applied to improve production activities, while simultaneously and continuously improving environmental protection. It is carried out by all employees, and is an absolute priority for management in making strategic and business operational decisions.

The complete elimination of environmental violations and penalties (so-called NOV’s) is a primary goal for the Smithfield Group worldwide.

We demonstrate our responsibility by complying with the requirements of relevant environmental laws and regulations and maintaining or continuously improving the limits specified therein. We protect the environment by preventing and minimizing emissions of pollutants, reducing consumption of natural resources – especially water, electricity, and continuously improving environmentally friendly procedures.

All units of Smithfield Poland have an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system (30 locations covered: 8 meat plants, 16 farms and 6 feed plants). As part of their commitment to the protection of natural resources, Smithfield Poland units participate in Clean Up the World Days and for the past 10 years have organized annual meetings with young people as part of World Water Monitoring Day. Targets set by Smithfield Poland include a reduction of 10% or more in water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions or waste consumption between 2008 and 2016.

As of today, all indications are that these bold goals and objectives will be met or even exceeded.

Many of the initiatives undertaken by Smithfield Poland’s companies are gaining high public recognition and even being awarded in national competitions and contests.